bespo’ke treatments are a sublime combination of instant relaxation, rejuvenation and envigoration.

We offer a complete and extensive range of treatments all executed in professional, stylish and discreet surroundings by well trained and knowledgeable therapists.

The treatments have been designed exclusively for men using our teams experience and expertise in this field and we are confident you will agree that they are second to none.

So from the relaxing full body massage to the invigorating back refurb read on and enjoy.

ServicePrice (£)Duration (Mins)Description
Full Head Colour26.9530Full Head Colour
Full Head Semi-Colour22.9530-
Ladies Head Semi-Colour70.0045-
Ladies Half Head Foil Hi-Lights55.0045-
Shoe Shine25.0015A light gloss of colour for short to mid length hair
Hair - Sam
Beard Trim9.0015Bead trim by Sam
Child Trim12.5030Children's hair cut
Crew Cut15.0030Crew cut by Sam
Dry Cut22.5030Dry hair cut
Teen Trim15.0030Teenager's hair cut
Wash, Cut & Style31.5045Wash, cut and style by Sam
Wet Beard Trim15.0030Wet beard trim by Sam
Hair - Haley
Beard Trim9.0015Beard trim and tidy
Child Trim12.5030Children's hair cut
Crew Cut15.0030Crew cut with clippers
Dry Cut21.9530Dry hair cut by Haley
Teen Trim15.0030Teenager's hair cut
Wash, Cut & Style29.9545Wash, cut and style by Haley
Wet Beard Trim15.0030Wet beard trim and tidy
Back, Neck & Shoulder35.5030Half an hour of massage to the back, neck and shoulders
Back, Neck & Shoulder (Extended)45.0045A longer session of massage to the back, neck and shoulders
Full Body55.0060Full body for 1 hour
Indian Head Massage 3035.0030-
Inidian Head Massage 4545.0045-
Massage - Bamboo
Massage - Bamboo65.00105Bamboo massage
Deluxe Shave31.9545A detailed facial shave
Express Shave22.9530Professional facial shave
Superior Shave44.95601 hour detailed facial shaving
Back22.9530Waxing just the back
Back, Neck & Shoulders24.5030Waxing to your back, neck and shoulders in half an hour
Buttocks & Lower Back24.5030Waxing to the buttocks and back area
Chest & Abdomen24.5030Waxing the chest and abdomen
Bikini Wax22.9515Bikini wax
Full Arm Wax24.9530Full arm wax
Full Leg Wax39.9545-
Half Leg Wax24.9530-
Express Facial30.0030If you're tight for time!
Microdermabrasion45.0045Microdermabrasion service
Quick Fix12.5015Quick fix...
The Works45.0060The works...
Microdermabrasion Course of 399.0030Course of 3 microdermabrasion
Eyebrow Threading9.5015-
Eyebrow Tidy / Wax9.5015Eyebrow tidy using our latest was product
Eyebrow Tint15.0030Tinting your lashes
Eyebrow Tinting & Tidy20.0030Eyebrow and lash tint using our new dual products
Eyelash Tint15.0030-